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Watch your favorite myTV stars on KBVO

Watch your favorite myTV stars on KBVO

How to get KBVO on your TV
  • Do you have cable?
  • Do you have cable you plug right into the wall (no cable box)?
  • Do you have a digital TV that is about four years old or newer?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you can get KBVO DT!

All you need to do is "re-scan" your television. This is also called the Channel Auto Scan or Channel Set Up and can be found under "Menu" on most TV sets - although each is different, so consult your user guide or cable company for help if you get stuck.

Then, your TV will update and add Austin's newest TV station - KBVO!

Where Do I find KBVO?
AT&T 1007 7
DirecTV 51 51
Dish Network 5185 51
Grande Communications 818 18
Northland Cable 95 101
Suddenlink 725 15
Time Warner 1215 7
Over the Air 14.1 -
More information about KBVO sports and entertainment programming can be found at